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A transport volunteer is a traveller who has a planned a journey to a particular destination and volunteers selflessly to help, mostly adopted animals, to reach their new family.

A transport volunteer has to include the animal in their booking reservation before the trip and do the check-in the day of the flight with the dog or the cat.Β 
Mostly all the animals go on hold, so the volunteer just has to pick them up at the destination and hand it over to the owner.

The expenses of the animal, including the ticket, are always covered by the owner.

Yes, for now. We are still developing the website, but at some point, we will have a fee to help us with the project.

On the platform, travellers can offer as transport volunteer to help all the cats and dogs to be reunited with their families.
The traveller will add all the futures trips and will have the opportunity to β€œmatch” with a cat or a dog in need to travel the same route.
You can see step by step on the home page.Β 

We try everything that is in our hands to make the platform safe. There is a verification system that adds an extra safety measure.

To be a transport volunteer involves some responsibilities (You can read them all here) where you need to make sure the animal is in the transport if there is a stopover.
Sometimes things happen during the trip, and we can’t be responsible for it, but to be honest, things rarely go wrong.

The first thing to do is talk with the animal owner to give them more opportunities to find another option.
As soon you have another flight, you can book another animal again.

Help The Dog Fly is not a platform to make money, although sometimes animal’s owners offer a reward for the help given. It can be pocket money to help you with the ticket, free accommodation or a gift.

Easy-peasy: Send an email to: woof@helpthedogfly.com
We always welcome feedback or suggestions and It’s always nice to listen to your experiences as a Transport Volunteer.Β 

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