Are you a traveller and an animal lover?

By becoming a transport volunteer, you could travel cheaper * and help an animal to get home




Being part of the community is the first step. Create your profile and upload a picture of yourself.

List your future trips so owners can link you up with their pet.
If you are don’t have a journey planned yet, you can check which routes need a transport volunteer.

If a pet needs to make the same trip as you, it’s a match! You will be able to write to the owner and start planning details, such as including the animal on your booking.Β 

On the day of the trip, you will check the pet in with you. Most of the time the dog or cat will go in the hold so you won’t see it again until your arrival.Β  Just so you know, all the animal’s expenses and paperwork are always covered by the owner,Β so no extra cost to you.

At your destination, after picking up the animal, the family will be waiting for you with open arms. You will be part of an amazing experience.

Sometimes, pet owners offer a reward! This could be pocket money, accommodation or a gift. Something as a gesture of gratitude for helping to bring their family together.

*Asterisk clarification​

*Cheaper travel is not guaranteed. Volunteering, by nature, is a charitable gesture. Owners are not obliged to reward volunteers. Rewards are at the discretion of the individual.

Transport volunteer experiences

These experiences happened before this platform existed. Remember, we have just launched, but we want you to see what a fantastic experience it is.

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