9 Steps to fly with your dog and make it easy.

πŸ•What Should You Consider When Planning a Trip with Your Dog?❓

Let’s be honest.

Flying with your dog is an option, but is not a piece of cake. There’s a lot you should know before you book a flight. I recommend you to have a special pet travel checklist to not forget anything. 

I can’t go through all the processes but let’s make it simple. 

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What are the Rules for Flying with a Dog? 🧐 

You need to research.

Step 1:Entry requirements for animals in the country you will travel to.

To travel abroad with your dog you will need more than a pet passport. You will need to prepare some paperwork. Including vaccines, sometimes titer tests and several forms. It is really important to check all those requirements because some of them take up to 3 months to be ready.

Step 2: Air companies travelling there.

That is easy but check the third step.

Step 3:Air companies that ALLOW travelling with your dog.

Not all flying companies allow dogs. It also depends on the type of plane. Dreamliners ( 787-789) sometimes doesn’t allow dogs for example. Ask the air company to be sure. (If you booked already and the plane doesn’t allow dogs on hold, no worries, fly companies usually will change your flight and will look for another suitable)

Step 4: How much does your dog weigh?

That would change half of your trip. Usually, dogs up to 8kg (including the crate) can go in the cabin, above that they should go on hold.

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Alright, after those 4 first steps, you can book a ticket to fly with your dog. But the process doesn’t finish there. 

You need to train your dog to be on the plane. 🐾

Flying can be stressful for a dog if it is not trained. 

So, you need to follow some steps to make the trip as smooth as possible.

Your dog needs to feel safe inside the crate and also must be able to stand up and turn around.

Step 5: Crate Training

At least two weeks before the trip, start feeding your dog inside the crate. It will start associating the crate with a positive situation. Then, do progressive work making them be inside during some nap times till spend the whole night inside.

Even if the dog is flying in the cabin, they have to stay underneath the seat the entire flight. So it is really important to train all dogs, despite they will travel on hold or in a cabin.

Step 6: Noise Training

An airport and a plane are noisy, let’s face it. For your dog’s wellbeing, you need to train them to be desensitized to loud noises and crowds. As always, there are exercises as playing sounds of airplanes taking off while you reward your dog.

Flying day πŸ›«

The day of the flight can be stressful, but there are really important steps to take to keep your furry friend relax.

Step 7: Let’s run

Running will help them to be tired and sleep more on the plane. That can work for you too πŸ˜‰

Step 8: Prepare the crate with your smell

If sometimes humans are stress about travelling, imagine your dog not knowing what is happening. Prepare a comfortable crate for them and include a t-shirt with your smell, that will make them be relaxed. Don’t forget the source of water that need to be attached to the crate.

Step 9: Last pee

Before the check-in, don’t forget to bring your dog out for a last pee. Also, don’t let them drink excessively before the flight or leave any food that they can eat and choke.

I know that flying with your dog is a risk. But if you don’t have other option as boat, car or train, let’s be well prepare, right?

Decided to travel? Remember, you can be a transport volunteer. If you are planning to fly with your dog you can always help another dog or cat to arrive home.

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