NFT Collection: Non-Fungible Dogs

We’re launching our first NFT art collection to support dogs in real world.


Don't know what NFTs are?

Check the NFD Collection!

What are NFTs?

NFTs (aka “Non-Fungible Token”) are essentially digital certificates of authenticity. Are analogous to the documents we use to sign as a proof of ownership, of assets like a car, land, artwork..

NFTs are recorded permanently in a public registry and allows to be traced by anyone. As a result, the NFT comes with a guarantee of provenance, authenticity, and scarcity. The incorporated technology protects the ownership, giving the owner the exclusive right to conduct transactions.

Utility tokens

Some NFT collections, like NFD, also have additional utility(digital of physical).

Check them out in our roadmap.


The proceeds of the artworks will be used for helping dogs. The NFTs owners will choose the destination of the funds received.

Transparency is our core value.

Non-Fungible Dogs

Non-Fungible Dogs is the name of the NFT collection, developed as part of a campaign to raise awareness and funds for supporting rescued dogs.

The collection consists of dogs of different breeds. The artworks have been created specifically for the collection and donated by the artists. They are all unique digitally hand-drawn copies.

NFDs are not just a collectable asset, but also a digital representation of a donation.

NTF Questions

Buying a non-fungible donation token isn’t completely the same as donating, as you do actually get something tangible in return – the ownership of a digital item (and thus it wouldn’t be a donation to by tax agencies at least)

The tokens of the collection are stored on the Polygon network (an Ethereum Blockchain protocol) in the OpenSea Marketplace.

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