For a world with fewer animals without families

Only 25% of dogs and cats in the world have a family. Our vision is to boost that percentage by revolutionizing the world of volunteering and travelling.

We believe in a better world where we can do our part by uniting and reuniting animals with their families.
A world where travelling and going on holidays has an extra purpose for animals and the environment.

Get to know us better; get to know the values that drive us.

values of help the dog fly



We want you to be part of Help the Dog Fly because you truly share the same vision and mission as we do. The best way for us to achieve this, is to be honest by showing you how we do things.

We are not here to become rich

We don’t aspire to make millions in profit, but we want our full-time job to be Help the Dog Fly.

By committing all our time to this project, we will be able to help many more animals.

We reinvest profits

Our transparency includes you being able to see our numbers.

You can see that we reinvest profits. We continue to help animals in need with pro-bono cases and we promote a more sustainable world with eco projects.


An idea will never work if there is no community behind it.
Beside the animals, you are the most important aspect of our project. We want people to be able to connect and help each other without tech barriers.

Connect easily

We know how difficult it is to find a transport volunteer to help your pet to get home. We also know that sometimes it’s difficult to volunteer while you travel.

We want to resolve those problems. That is the reason for developing the search bar.

Let's be clear

We do not want small print.

Animals come with responsibilities, so we have documents ofย good practice and responsibilitiesย that need to be read.


Let us not forget our planet earth. Without it, nothing would be possible. Like many, we are aware of the great damage it is enduring, so if we can help even a little, we are going to do so.

Let's plant trees

This is a project we have in mind.ย 

As soon as we test the viability of the platform, we will create a system in which, for every successful trip made, a tree will be planted in Scotland.

Reduce our CO2 footprint

It’s impossible not to produce CO2, but we can reduce it.

By giving your commercial flight ticketย a second purpose, the number of animal cargo flights will potentially be reduced and thus, the resulting CO2 emissions.

We listen

If you have an idea to improve things, let us knowโ€‹

Help the Dog Fly