The Black dog syndrome

You might be wondering what the black dog syndrome is. Let’s explain it! 🖤🐶

the black dog syndrome

Black dog syndrome, also known as “big black dog syndrome” or “black dog bias,” is a phenomenon in which black dogs are perceived as less desirable and less adoptable than dogs of other colours. This bias is thought to be driven by several factors, including the fact that black dogs may be harder to see in a shelter environment and may not stand out as much as dogs of other colours.

Additionally, some people may prefer dogs of certain colours and may be more likely to adopt a dog of a different colour than black. This can result in black dogs being overlooked in favour of dogs of other colours.

Despite this common misconception, there is no evidence to suggest that black pets are less adoptable than pets of other colours. We are aware that black pets can make just as loving and loyal companions as pets of any other colour, although there is a higher population of black dogs in shelters, which can make it more difficult for these dogs to find loving homes.

The truth is that, as with people, colour should not be a discriminatory factor, so from now on, knowing that this happens, spread the word.

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